Top 5 Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners – 2022 – Reviews

Sometimes it is not worth taking out a large vacuum cleaner, especially when you only have food crumbs to clean on the couch or animal hair on the doormat. It is known that the classic vacuum cleaner is more multifunctional and suitable for general cleaning at home, but a powerful handheld vacuum can be a good accessory in your household. Why do you need this wonderful device in your home? Notice that, a good hand vacuum cleaner will be useful not only at home but also in the garage, office, or workshop. Once you decide to buy a powerful handheld vacuum, you will never give it up. With its help, you can reach even the smallest nooks and crannies in your area, so the dirt, dust, and pet hair won’t be a problem anymore. A powerful handheld vacuum is also a real hit for those who are looking for a handy tool to keep the car clean. These hoovers generally are small, light, and easy to store, so they do not cause any problems, but they can make your life easier.

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners of 2022

Brand Best deals
1 Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner Check price
2 Shark CH951 Cordless handheld vacuum UltraCyclone Pet Pro Plus Check price
3 BISSELL AeroSlim Lithium Ion Cordless Handheld Vacuum Check price
4 Wyze Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 24 Kpa Check price
5 Wyze Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Check price

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners – Reviews

1. Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner, Battery Powered, Lightweight, BH57005, White : Home & Kitchen

It’s an excellent model that must have made it on our list of the best cordless handheld vacuum cleaners. What distinguishes the product of this great brand from competing handheld vacuum cleaners?

Above all, the Hoover ONEPWR is super compact and cheap! It’s designed to be super easy to use – perfect for quick, pick-ups around the house, patio, or in the car. It is distinguished by the lightweight design and decent build quality. This great vacuum cleaner is easy to carry and use at home, but also in vehicles, on stairs, or in a workshop, so it makes it one of the best cordless car vacuums.

What makes Hoover ONEPWR the most powerful handheld vacuum? Hoover device is very strong and has great suction power which is perfect for cleaning both bare floors, low-pile carpets, and high pile carpets. In addition, it has easy to empty dirt cups in size XL, so dealing with the mess inside it it is not a problem. Hoover ONEPWR  works very well for cleaning all kinds of dirt, debris, and pet hair. Unfortunately, it is not equipped with a HEPA filter that could trap allergens, but still, it will be a great choice for dog and cat owners!

Thanks to its weight and an additional carrying handle, this vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning stairs in your home. Its cordless design makes it also the best handheld vacuum for cars! The only drawback of this device is the lack of a turbo brush that would allow better removal of mess from upholstery and carpeting. Unfortunately, it has a fairly short battery life, but thankfully it doesn’t take long to charge this great vacuum cleaner.

2. Shark CH951 Cordless handheld vacuum UltraCyclone Pet Pro Plus

Shark CH951 UltraCyclone Pet Pro Plus Cordless Handheld Vacuum, with XL Dust Cup, in Black (Renewed) : Home & Kitchen

This is a unique model of the best cordless handheld vacuum for people who require perfection. It is equipped with a strong lithium-ion battery and 2 super-strong cyclone air jets – all to deal with the mess at home perfectly. Shark is a reliable company that has prided itself on great reviews for many years. No wonder, so that they developed a powerful handheld vacuum bridge. This model boasts an extremely strong suction power despite its small size – only 2.8 lbs. You will surely love this small but powerful device!

Do you want to know why we selected it for our list of the best handheld cordless vacuum cleaners? Shark CH951 is a guarantee of excellent quality, long working time, and construction, which ensures that you will reach every nook and cranny of your home. Thanks to Shark dirt, dust, and dog hair will not hide from you in the car.  Remember that is also one of the best handheld car vacuum cleaners! Its compact size allows you to take it wherever there is a mess in your household.

Do you wonder, how long can you use this device? Shark has been equipped with the best quality batteries, which are adapted to its compact size and allow for many minutes of work to ensure cleanliness in your home! It is a device that requires dust bags, but they are in size XL.

If you are a dog owner, who gets frustrated by constantly finding fur, this is the product just for you. The Shark CH951 handles dog hair perfectly, even hidden in your car’s upholstery or on the couch. Plus, it has a self-cleaning brush roll, isn’t that wonderful news? It is a pleasure to work with this great vacuum cleaner because the hair wraps won’t be a problem anymore.

3. BISSELL AeroSlim Lithium Ion Cordless Handheld Vacuum

AeroSlim™ Handheld Vacuum 29869 | BISSELL Cordless Hand Vac®

This state-of-the-art device had to take a high place in our list of the best hand-held vacuum cleaners. It is a small and very handy model, the use and storage of which will not be a problem for anyone. Bissell is a product that will be perfect both at home and in the office, car, or garage. Wherever it could be needed.

What distinguishes this product? Bissell values ​​the aesthetics of its products. That is why this one of the best handheld vacuums looks very elegant and will fit perfectly into the interior design of any home or office.

Worth mentioning that, It is one of the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaners, powered by a Lithium-ion battery that provides up to 12 minutes of cordless cleaning. It is enough to quickly clean up a sudden mess, but unfortunately, like any portable vacuum cleaner, it is not suitable for cleaning the entire home at once.

The good news is, that this is one of the best car vacuum cleaners. Thanks to its compact shape, you can keep it in an emergency in the car! It will work perfectly there. In addition, the Bissell powerful handheld vacuum will perfectly cope with animal hair on the upholstery!

What’s more? Charging this vacuum cleaner is quick and easy because it has a USB charger. When the battery is low and you want to use the hoover again, all you need to do is have a standard charger and cable. Why do we love this best handheld hoover? Additionally, the Bissell is equipped with a washable and reusable filter that helps improve cleaning performance. Using this device is pure pleasure, see for yourself.

4. Wyze Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 24 Kpa

Wyze Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with 24Kpa Powerful Suction, Lightweight Stick with HEPA Filter, 450W Powerful Brushless Motor , 50mins Runtime for Home Hard Floor Carpet Pet Hair : Home & Kitchen

This model differs significantly from other vacuum cleaners in size, but also in suction power. It will be a great choice for people who are looking for the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner with a long duration of operation. Stick vacuum from Wyze is a lightweight, handy, easy to manoeuvre, but also a powerful device that is suitable for difficult tasks in your home.

The Wyze device surely is one of the best cordless car vacuums. The entire device weighs only 2.8 pounds, but its power is as much as 24.2000 Pa suction power. In addition, you can choose from as many as 3 modes (Eco, Med, Turbo) and adjust its work to the intensity of cleaning in a given place.

It’s one of the best portable vacuum cleaners, included in the set are a crevice tool, aluminium tube assembly, wall-mount base, 2-in-1 brush, and floor brush. Of course, this is an easy-to-use and intuitive device, all the most important things are on the crystal-clear screen.

Why did we choose it as one of the best handheld vacuums? Thanks to a properly capacious battery, its working time is up to 40 minutes, which certainly distinguishes it among our best hand-made crushers. During eco mode, the time can also be further extended, which is why this vacuum cleaner will work perfectly during short tasks, but also during complex cleaning. In addition, you can add a battery, which will increase the working time to 100 minutes!.

Why is this model a great option for animal owners? This device is great for cleaning pet hair, mainly thanks to the additional motor with 9,500 RPM and 6 daylight-bright LED lights. Thanks to it you will see dirt under the furniture or even in dark corners. Additionally, the Wyze device has HEPA filters, which can remove about 99.9% of dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria.

5. Wyze Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Wyze Handheld Vacuum | Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Home and Car

This device does not look like a classic vacuum cleaner at all, and yet it is on our list of the best handheld cordless vacuum cleaners! How is it possible that such a small device can perform well and fight dirt? This is just another product of the reliable Wyze brand, which cares about the excellent quality of its vacuum cleaners.

Why do we love this powerful handheld vacuum? Elegant design, light, matte, black looks very elegant and fits into the interior design and vehicles. The Wyze, the best handheld vacuum cleaner for cars, saves time and money. The device allows you to thoroughly clean the car of dust, sand, crumbs from food, and other dirt. In addition, it will not take up much space in the trunk, so you can always have it at hand.

This compact device, despite its variety, can amaze and has up to 16,800 Pa suction power. You can take it anywhere in the house and outside. This feature makes it one of the best cordless car vacuum cleaners. Small size, but great strength and up to 30 minutes of continuous cleaning – that’s all provided by Wyde device. Even some of the aforementioned best handheld hoovers do not have such a high-capacity battery!

This best handheld vacuum has a washable HEPA filter, which is its great advantage. To wash it, just rinse it under tap water and let it dry. Sounds amazing? In addition, the set includes numerous accessories, such as a flat nozzle, brush tool, extension hose, and crevice tool.

This best portable vacuum cleaner is just perfect in every way and can be easily rechargeable via USB-C. Not only does the battery have a very long working time – about 30 minutes, but its charging is very simple.

These are just a few items, based on consumer reports we have selected especially for you to help you make your decision on purchasing the best portable vacuum cleaner. Each of them differs in type, price, and additional amenities. That is why you can choose the perfect model for your needs.

Is it easy to find the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner?

Choosing the best cordless handheld vacuum can be a real difficult task. As the variety of models and the price range of these products in our store is huge. Before such an expense, it is worth considering carefully what is it that you expect. It is always worth looking around at online rankings and reading customers’ opinions about the models we are interested in because a good cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is an investment, so you should pick the best one.

How to choose the best handheld vacuum?

Are you wondering which of the best handheld cordless vacuum cleaners is worth your interest? Our hints will surely prove helpful. To help you pick the best model and make your life easier, we collected information from our experts’ reports and tests of product comparison and selected the 5 best hand vacuums which are available on the Amazon website. The best portable vacuum cleaners vary in type, shape, weight, and accessories. Before you decide on one, think about what is needed in your home.

What else is worth paying attention to when buying a portable vacuum cleaner?

Engine power and Suction power

This is the most important parameter that you should pay attention to when choosing a device. The higher the value, the greater the model performance and the greater the suction force. The best hand vacuum cleaners are equipped with less power than traditional vacuum cleaners, i.e. several hundred watts. However, this value makes them able to cope with the accumulation of dust, crumbs, and even hair. A very important role is also played by a powerful engine – the greater the suction power, the easier it is to remove dust from carpets, wash the floors or clean the car (the work is more efficient and takes less time). As a rule, the power is from 9 to 35 watts in the best handheld cordless vacuum cleaners.


The small dimensions of the best hand vacuum cleaner mean that it is characterized by a small tank capacity. On average, it is 0.3 – 06 l. The large one will hold a lot of dirt and you won’t have to empty it too often. However, the presented solution has a disadvantage – it affects the overall dimensions of the device. If you are looking for compact equipment for a car, choose an accessory with a small container. The chamber of the best portable vacuum will fill up faster, but the model will be smaller and handier.


So how much do high-end portable vacuums cost? The price often depends on the parameters, additional functions, accessories, and the method of air filtration (HEPA filters). In our ranking, we chose both budget options and the more expensive ones that not everyone can afford freely. However, it can certainly be said that the best hand vacuum cleaner does not have to cost a fortune. The portable vacuum cleaner is an investment in your peace of mind and a clean environment, and that is why it is worth deciding to buy it.


It is worth considering what exactly the handheld vacuum cleaner will be used for, as this largely affects the selection of the appropriate model. A lot of handheld hoovers available on the market offer the possibility of dry and wet vacuuming. With the help of appropriate tips, a manual vacuum cleaner is, therefore, able to get rid of dust particles, crumbs, but also spilled liquids. Other useful features include information about the battery level, easy emptying of the container, or additional brushes. We also included the best options for cars in our cordless handheld vacuum ranking

Air filtering capability

When looking for the best dog hair vacuum cleaner, it is worth paying attention to whether it has an air filter or not. They help to neutralize odors in the home with pets. Some portable hoovers may have HEPA filters that can easily remove approximately 99.9% of bacteria, dust, mold, pollen, and any airborne particles with a minimum size of 0.3 microns.

Type of power supply and battery life

On the market, we will find wireless models and those that work connected to the network. If you do not know which one is the best and which hand vacuum cleaner to buy, check what benefits each solution offers. Wireless handheld vacuum cleaners offer an unlimited vacuuming range – they will be the best cordless car vacuums. For the most released models, the battery life is up to 40 minutes. Such a long operation allows for thorough and at the same time free cleaning of various surfaces and rooms. However, it is worth remembering that in the case of wireless models, the battery charging time is also extremely important. And this can be extremely long and can be up to several hours. The advantage of mains power is unlimited working time and no need to charge. Here, of course, the length of the cable and the size of the surface to be cleaned are of the greatest importance.

Weight and dimensions

A handy but powerful handheld vacuum should not be too heavy or large. It is important that the housing is light and handy. For small work at home and in the car, a small handheld vacuum cleaner is best. The small dimensions and low weight of the device (up to 1.5 kg) allow convenient cleaning of crumbs from countertops, upholstery, carpets, or car interior, as well as storage of equipment. The ergonomic handle also has an impact on the comfort of use. also important is the material from which it was made. The best handheld vacuum cleaner should be made of durable, yet relatively light materials, resistant to adverse external factors and mechanical damage.

Before buying such a device, you should think about what features should the best cordless handheld vacuum has. By following our advice and the ranking below, you will be sure to pick the best option available. You will be 100% satisfied after trying one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners in your home.

Check the best handheld vacuums that we chose for you!

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