The Best Vacuum Cleaners of 2022 – Reviews

Although it may seem like a mundane task, choosing a vacuum cleaner isn’t a piece of cake. After all, a good vacuum can make one’s life so much easier and we all know a poor quality vacuum can make life miserable. Dust, hair and crumbs lying around? No one wants that! But don’t worry – we’re here to help you choose the best vacuum cleaner for home.

Best Vacuum Cleaners of 2022

Name Best deals
1 Shark AZ1002 Check price
2 Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Check price
3 Bissell 1984 Air Ram Cordless Vacuum Check price
4 Samsung Jet 90 Stick Vacuum Check price
5 Dyson V15 Detect Check price
6 Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet Check price
7 Roomba s9+ Check price
8 Roborock S7 Check price
9 Worx WX030L Check price

Best Vacuum Cleaners – review

1. Shark AZ1002

Shark AZ1002 Apex Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum with DuoClean & Self-Cleaning Brushroll, Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool & Pet Power Brush, for a Deep Clean on & Above Floors, Espresso : Home

Shark AZ1002 sets us off to a good start – it’s one of the best upright vacuum cleaners on the market. Reviewed as very easy to assemble and durable. Main features is the DuoClean technology  – Shark AZ1002 has a dual-brushroll system that can enable deep-cleaning of the carpets. The brushroll is also designed to self-clean. Other highlights are: powered lift-away, led highlights and active-glide technology. This vacuum cleaner will be a good choice for pet owners – the self-cleaning brushroll avoids hair wrap. It’s recommended for both hard floors and carpets, upholstery and furniture.

A little more budget option from Shark but still a very good choice is the Shark NV352 – perfect for both carpet and hard floors. The difference between Shark NV352 and Shark AZ1002 is mainly in the brushroll. Shark NV352 is designed for people without pets – it may not work well with a lot of hair. Other than that, it will be a great option for basic cleaning. It’s powerful and versatile. Its Swivel Steering allows you to easily maneuver around furniture.

2. Pet Hair Eraser Turbo

Pet Hair Eraser® Turbo 2475 | BISSELL Vacuum Cleaners

Back to pet owners and the ongoing hair and fur dilemma! Bissell offers the Pet Hair Eraser Turbo. The name says it all – a vacuum cleaner designed to manage all types of pet hair and carpets. Pet Hair Eraser Turbo is equipped with a tangle-free brush roll and a Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System. The Smart Seal Allergen System allows for an optional Febreze filter that eliminates odor while you clean.

3. Bissell 1984 Air Ram Cordless Vacuum

AirRam® Cordless Vacuum 1984 | BISSELL® Vacuums

Bissell 1984 Air Ram Cordless Vacuum has all the good qualities of a cordless vacuum. It’s lightweight, compact, easy to assemble and store. It’s also easy to maneuver around furniture, especially with the built-in led lights that illuminate the surface in front. This model is recommended for low pile carpets and basic carpets, bare and hard floors as well as stairs. Bissell 1984 is equipped with an removable Lithium-Ion battery which allows for 40 minutes of fade-free power and convenient cleaning.

4. Samsung Jet 90 Stick Vacuum

Samsung Jet 90 complete VS20R9046T3/GE |

If you’d rather choose a different vacuum, Samsung also has something to offer in the cordless vacuums section. The Samsung Jet 90 Stick Vacuum is a cordless and lightweight vacuum cleaner most recommended for hard floors. Intense suction power provided by 200 Air Watts and a turbo action brush (rotating 3,700 times a minute) allow a thorough and deep cleaning of clean hardwood and tile, as well as carpeting. The vacuum needs one battery and is equipped with a spare one so you don’t have to pause your cleaning! One fully charged battery allows for up to 60 minutes of usage.

5. Dyson V15 Detect

DYSON V10 Absolute Odkurzacz - niskie ceny i opinie w Media Expert

Finally, if you’re looking for a stick and cordless vacuum, you should also consider the Dyson V15 Detect vacuum cleaner. It’s great for hardwood floors, stairs and for cleaning up hair thanks to its big suction power. The most significant characteristic of V15 Detect is the fact that it has a laser. The laser reveals microscopic dust while cleaning, making it impossible to miss dirt.

6. Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet

Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet - Tayberry Red - : High-end made ezee!

The Miele Complete C3 Vacuum for Soft Carpet was awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal Star for 2019. The bigger weight of a canister vacuum is compensated by the complete versatility of this model. Not only is it equipped with an electrobrush specifically designed for cleaning soft carpets, but also has a Parquet Twister included with soft bristles meant for gently cleaning hard floors.The vacuum also has 6 different suction power settings. The AirClean Sealed System in Miele’s vacuums is combined with a HEPA AirClean filter in this particular model which leaves the air cleaner after vacuuming than before.

7. Roomba s9+

IRobot Roomba s9+ - Opinie i ceny na

iRobot is a brand that definitely started the robotic vacuum boom and they’re not stopping. One of their current available models is the Roomba s9+ with various improvements such as: 3-Stage Cleaning System, PerfectEdge Technology, 30% wider Dual Rubber Brushes, Corner Brush and a Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal (the vacuum empties itself for up to 60 days). Roomba s9+ is designed to work with Braava M6 – a robot mop with Precision Jet Spray. Together, they allow for a complex cleaning of hard floors. You can also fully control the vacuum’s work – Smart Mapping allows it to differentiate specific rooms and avoid chosen areas (called Keep Out Zones).

8. Roborock S7

Roborock S7 biały - Opinie i ceny na

Of course, iRobot isn’t the only brand offering robotic vacuums on the market. Another option worth considering is Roborock S7 – an award winning vacuum cleaner. Roborock S7 won 17 Best of CES 2021 Awards (from brands such as Business Insider, Digital Trends and Newsweek). This robot not only vacuums – it also mops thanks to the Sonic Mopping Technology fed by a 300 ml electronic water tank. The robot also automatically lifts the mop when it detects a carpet so you can mop hard floors and vacuum carpets without pausing. Identifying carpets is possible thanks to ultrasonic technology. After recognizing a carpet, Roborock S7 boosts its sucking power. This vacuum can also be coordinated with voice control  and with the use of Roborock App.

9. Worx WX030L WORX WX030L 20V Power Share Cordless Cube Vac Compact Vacuum, Black : Home & Kitchen

Last but not least, a handheld and cordless option for cleaning your furniture. Worx WX030L is a compact vacuum, perfect for storing and transporting. Its powerful suction can be regulated into two speeds. Worx WX030L has also a retractable hose that extends up to 4 feet which makes cleaning ceilings and window treatments extra easy! This handheld vacuum comes with a 20V battery and a matching battery charger.

How to choose the best vacuum cleaner for your home?

Start with choosing the type

Generally speaking, we can divide all vacuum cleaners into two types: upright and canister vacuums. The first one has been definitely gaining more and more popularity in recent years in Europe and America. Nevertheless, canister vacuums still remain the most versatile option which is why before choosing your vacuum, it’s good to think about your needs. No use in buying a vacuum with various options you will never use! A best hoover is the one that matches your housing.

Upright vacuums are very good for rooms with wall-to-wall carpets or simple hardwood floors. They work well for fast and easy cleaning of large areas, especially in flats. One of their advantages is also their usual lightweight and more vertical shape – this makes them a bit easier to store. They’re also often available as cordless models which makes it even easier for people living in small apartments. As a way of making them more versatile, a lot of models have included extensions or on-board attachments.

Canister vacuums are a better option for houses or apartments with various surfaces and types of carpeting. They usually still remain the most versatile option on the market. They may be easier to maneuver around the furniture and in tight spaces thanks to the hose and wand. Canister vacuums can be divided into three subcategories (all of which have a hose, wands and different floor tools):

  • straight suction vacuum cleaner with a non-revolving brush great for simple flat carpets and hardwood,
  • vacuum cleaner with a turbo/turbine floor tool with a revolving brush
  • “power team” with a revolving power brush driven by a separate electric motor.

Bag or bagless – what should you take into consideration?

Choosing between a vacuum cleaner with a dustbag or a bagless one, may seem insignificant but it’s worth thinking about. Bagless vacuums have the advantage of not needing to spend money on dustbags. However, they will not be a good option for people suffering from asthma or breathing difficulties. While removing all the dirt from the container, many particles of dust float into the air. This may be a source of irritation and discomfort to sensitive users. It undoubtedly also affects the general cleanness of air in the apartment/house which is something to consider. And of course, not everyone is comfortable with cleaning the container from all the dirt, dust and debris just removed from the floors.

On the other hand, vacuums with a dustbag generate additional costs during use – dustbags are more or less expensive, depending on the chosen brand and type.

Types of carpet – does it matter?

The answer is – yes! Very much so. Different materials used in carpeting require different types of brushes and vacuum cleaners. For example, sisal needs a specialty tool, while silk and wool-loop need a suction-only tool. If you have various carpets in your home, the best vacuum cleaner will be one with exchangeable floor tools and brushes. This way, you can easily switch them while cleaning.


Once again, if someone in your home suffers from asthma, allergies or any other medical condition connected with their respiratory system, you have to take extra care when choosing the right vacuum cleaner. A really important factor is the filtration system. While most available vacuum cleaners on the market do a decent job at cleaning the air that leaves their inside, you can get models that are superior in this matter. The thing to look for is usually information about a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. These filters remove 99.97% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns in size from the air that passes through them.

Be careful though! “HEPA-like” doesn’t mean that the used filter meets the standards of an authentic HEPA filter. Check the information thoroughly and look for signs such as “True HEPA” or “Certified HEPA”.

General convenience

During the search for the best vacuum, many people focus only on the technicalities, such as power and types of brushes. It’s important to remember that since vacuum cleaners are a machine you use very often, they also need to be as convenient for the user as possible!

Let’s start with the noise vacuum cleaners make. If you’re a parent or a person sensitive to loud sounds, you might want to seriously consider vacuum cleaners that work in a quieter way and reduce the usual noise made while cleaning.

Next up, size and weight! It’s worth considering especially if you live in a place with a lot of stairs and/or limited storage, lightweight vacuum cleaner in a smaller size might be a life-saver! This is also where the upright stick vacuum cleaners come in handy.

And let’s not forget capacity – a house with kids and pets will produce way more soil and debris than a two-people flat. Choosing a full-size vacuum cleaner in the first option will be definitely more convenient than a smaller and bagless upright model.

Performance and overall quality

Last but not least, let’s talk a bit about how to review the overall performance of a vacuum cleaner of your choice. This will require careful analysis of the technical information of the exact model you’re considering. To make it a bit easier, here are two main factors that you should check before buying your vacuum cleaner:

  • airflow,
  • sealed suction.

Canister vacuums should have an airflow of 100 CFM or more. Upright vacuums can be seen with two types of airflow. First, “Direct Air” or “Dirty Air” which means that the dust travels through the motor prior to any filtration on its way to the dust bag. Second, vacuum cleaners with a by-pass design. This means that the dirty air doesn’t pass through the motor.

When assessing the overall durability and quality of the vacuum cleaner, take a good look at the construction and structure of the machine. It’s always better to choose vacuums with a solid structure and seals, without rough edges. And don’t forget to check the length of warranty – the longer, the better!

Our review

Alright! Now that we’ve discussed the most important qualities of a vacuum cleaner, it’s time to take a look at some models. Have a look at the models we found interesting in the current market and decide for yourself if one of them is the best vacuum cleaner for you!

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